Skin object for rendering a module

RenderModule SkinObject

<%@ Register TagPrefix="oc" TagName="RenderModule" Src="~/DesktopModules/OpenContent/RenderModule.ascx" %>
<oc:RenderModule ModuleId="622" TabId="174" runat="server" ></oc:RenderModule>

Remark : it is by default hidden on admin, host pages and also on the page where the source module exist.

SkinObject parameters

ModuleIdModule Id from source moduleModuleId="622"
TabIdTab Id from the page on whitch the source module existTabId="174"
HideOnTabIdsHide skin object on some pagesHideOnTabIds="123,456,465"Default equals TabId (skinobject is hidden from page on which module exist)
ShowOnAdminTabsHide skin object on admin pagesShowOnAdminTabs="true"false
ShowOnHostTabsHide skin object on host pagesShowOnHostTabs="true"false
TemplateTemplate of template folderTemplate="Portals/0/OpenContent/Templates/HandlebarsStarter/template.hbs"