Search, Filter and Sort

Search, Filter, Sort in Open Content

OpenContent data, more specifically multi-item data, can be filtered, sorted or searched.

This feature is based on

This feature needs to be activated by adding the "index: true" in the Manifest.

Once activated the module data will be indexed.
Lucene index is stored in /APP_Data/OpenContent/lucene_index
Tools to analyse lucene index : Luke

After activation, a new menu item "Filter Settings" will be available. Here you can configure how the data should be filtered, search and sorted prior to being made available to the template (via the Model in razor template or via json through webapi).
In the Filter Setting, there is also a button to rebuild the index for the data of that module.

What get's indexed in the internal Lucene index

As soon as you start using the "index" checkboxes in the builder, Open Content creates a file named index.json for which contains those fields.

If that file does not (yet) exist, only "root" items are indexed.
So if you want to index "nested" fields (for filtering etc.), you have to have an index.json file.

DNN Search integration

Information on DNN Search integration DNN search integration