Builder V2

Editor / Builder Component based on VueJS in place of AlpacaJS

Need to be activated in the OpenContent Global Settings.

An new template repository is created for this new editor (Bootstrap 4)

Migrating existing templates to Builder V2

As Open Content 5 uses a new builder / editor based on Vue.js (which is optional to use) the decision was made to also clean up some of the fields.

The following field types are not more available anymore or have been replaced.
These will give you a browser console error and the edit will not load.

Here's what to correct on existing templates before you switch to the new editor:


  • select2

    This is now "relation". You need to make this change in options.json

  • wysihtml, summernote

    Are not supported any more, these need to be replaced with ckeditor in options.json

  • file2

    Has been replaced with "filebrowser", change in options.json

  • folder2

    Not supported any more

  • user2, role2

    Not supported any more

  • imagecrop, imagecropper, image2, imagecrop2, imagex, image2

    These have all been replaced by "imagebrowser".

  • icon

    The new builder uses FontAwesome 5 instead of 4

  • accordeon

    Not supported any more as everything is an "accordeon" now, so you just remove "type": "accordion"
    from the options file

Multi Language Fields

Specific Multi language fields don't exist anymore, now all fields van be ML.
So remove the ml at the beginning of the field type in option.json.
You need to reactivate multi language in the builder


Please note that the new imagebrowser uses "url" for the final image.
url = the uploaded image unless the cropper is activated.
rawUrl = path to the uploaded image
cropUrl = path to the cropped image


In previous versions of Open Content this legacy structure for an array could be used:

"Items": {
   "fields": {
      "item": {
         "fields": {

This structure was never generated by the Open Content builder, but Alpaca did support it and so did OC 4. In Open Content 5 (with the new vue.js based builder) support this legacy structure for arrays has been removed.
You will have to restructure your options file to this:

"Items": {
   "items": {
      "fields": {

builder.json & view.json

You can also remove "builder.json" and "view.json" as they are not used anymore by the new builder.