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Multi language

Each field can be defined as a multi language field by using a specific field type in the options layout file.

Multi language fields are marked with the flag image.

Edit form

Edit form

Available field types

  • Multi lingual Text : mltext
  • Multi lingual CKeditor : mlckeditor
  • Multi lingual wysihtml : mlwysihtml
  • Multi lingual url : mlurl
  • Multi lingual Image : mlimage
  • Multi lingual File : mlfile


"Title": {
"Summary": {

Localization of templates

1) Add your translations in localization files (Edit Template Files)

  "key1":"texte 1 in french",
  "key2":"texte 2 in french"
	"key1":"texte 1 in dutch",
  "key2":"texte 2 in dutch"

2) Add the texts to your template




The localization variable is on the root. So if you localize text in a each.
Don't forget to get the variable of the parent context {{..//Localization.key1}}