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Display multi-item detail on separate page

When a multi item open content is created, the detail URL of the page exists within `{Context.DetailUrl}`. However, when using the context link, the detail page will show on the same page with modules above it. How can use the `{Content.DetailUrl}` handlebars helper as a link to open the details of the template in a new page, void of other content?

Related articles

Hi there, Is there a way to have, in a OpenContent module using the Articles template, a detail page of an article including a list of related articles? The relation should be formed through a corresponding AdditionalData field, like Tags. This is a functionality I have been missing for a while now. I know I can have the admin do this manually, via a field in the article edit, but I am looking for automation... Maybe there are workarounds? Keston

Crop ratio

Hi, Is there a way I can crop an image using the imagex field and keep the ratio of every image I crop? It looks like I must choose an image size... I tried adding the old "aspectRatio": 1, but that doesn't do anything anymore... I'm actually just looking for a way to reduce file size...

Cannot add class to link

How can I add a class to a hyperlink?

Calling label from dropdown

Is there a way to call the label (and not the value) of a dropdown option? Something like {{field:label}}?

ckeditor issues

Hi, Because of wcag-related issues, we regularly need to modify the way the ck-editor is used. In the Text/HTML modules the portal settings for the editor are used. We use this in combination with an extra config file. Even though you can choose the three types of editor settings (simple, standard, full) in Form Builder in the OpenContent module, I still need to configure these paths manually in options.json. I hope there will be an easier way to do this in the future... The current way is very vulnerable to be overwritten by an administrator that is not always aware of his or her actions... Tnx, Keston

Character limit when inputting text

Get this question more then once: is it possible to limit the amount of characters of a text area field when administrating a OC module? Of course I can use the truncateWords functionality in the template but the editors of the module (not always admins) must be made aware of their actions on the back-end... I'm curious how this is done before. What are the options?

How to Filter Each Array

How would I only show content that matches a specific setting? For example, in an {{#each Person}} I would like to only include Person with a specific matching attribute, such as Person.Department = DepartmentName.

How to use data from other template

What are the steps to use the data from an existing template in a new template? The idea here is that both templates would continue to use the same data source moving forward. One template would manage data for both templates.

How to Add Categories to Existing Template

How does one add categories to a template that already exists? This template was originally created based on the Bootstrap 3 template. We want to know how to add Categories to this where they can be maintained using the actions menu.