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Adding head values to items of multi-item template

I want to be able to have some of my article data be visible in head values, like ogg meta tags. Is there a way to add these meta tags (server side)? For example, in Ventrian News Articles there's a template where you can add meta data, using tokens to fill in the values.

CKeditor - Enhanced Image Plugin

Hi, I would like to have the Enhanced Image Plugin added to the ckeditor. Any idea how? https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/examples/image2.html Also for the image output, can we output the full URL?

Field values from other module (SQL table)

Is it possible to use a Relation type field and call an other database table. Would be great to be able to point to product data from a webstore module...

Import data

I would like to import article data, is there a way to import?

Copied site using site template, now wrong urls. Where are they stored?

I made a copy of a site, then created a new site on same server and all worked fine. I then deleted old site and found that OpenContent was referring to files in old site. Looked in all settings and even in the database to find URL references, but could not find them. How can I change the URLs it is looking for. Here's the error: [code]Could not find a part of the path 'e:\web\public_html\Inoui\wwwroot\Portals\1\OpenContent\Templates\Bootstrap3Accordion\template.hbs'.[/code] The new portal is 4 and I would like to change the URLs it is looking for to be 4 instead of 1. Any ideas? Thanks.

GetTemplate API Returns HTTP 404 Error

Why might this error be occurring? It's DNN Platform 9.4.4 and Open Content 4.3.0 (brand new install). https://www.screencast.com/t/y2XIVYh5W

Handlebar helper Truncate Text?

Has anyone succeeded in using an handlebar helper that converts a full html description into a truncated plain text description? The only thing I could find is the truncate helper: Handlebars.registerHelper ('truncate', function (str, len) { if (str && str.length > len && str.length > 0) { var new_str = str + " "; new_str = str.substr (0, len); new_str = str.substr (0, new_str.lastIndexOf(" ")); new_str = (new_str.length > 0) ? new_str : str.substr (0, len); return new Handlebars.SafeString ( new_str +'...' ); } return str; });

Workflow/content staging for single item templates

The following page states that workflow/content staging is only implemented for multi-item templates: https://opencontent.readme.io/docs/workflow-content-staging Are there any plans to add support for single item templates? If not, are there any recommendations on how one might approach this if they were looking to do it themselves?

Live Edit is Fantastic....yet

I imagine whomever created this its still a work in progress but wondering if a save option has been figured out yet as well as a warning if a user tries to delete an option and better yet restore a deleted option if it is in fact deleted.

Why would a HTTP 404 occur?

I have a DNN Platform 09.01.01 website where OpenContent 04.02.00 is installed. When I add OC to a page, it never finishes loading. Instead, there are HTTP 404 errors reported for the API endpoints in the console, see below. Is this a bug and/or something you've seen before? What is the fix for this? https://example.com/API/OpenContent/InitAPI/GetTemplateState https://example.com/API/OpenContent/InitAPI/GetTemplates Following those two 404 errors, the following error is reported by OC: "fail is not defined" Here is the line of code reported for that: https://www.screencast.com/t/cmDiUVhx1