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Material icons

Is it possible to use Material icons (https://material.io/icons/) in the icon picker control?

Download link for Client Side Catalog Template? to load 10k data

Hello, We currently have 10k data that we're importing from Ventrian Property-Agent module into open content. Copying it into RawData is fine, but when it load the page, it throw error "Too much data to deserialize. Please use a client side template to circumvent that." Update the limit of jsonSerialization maxJsonLength didn't solve it, so we're thinking to implement Client Side load, but no sample template we can find for reference. But I see that this page is implement Client side rendering with 10k data: http://www.openextensions.net/opencontent-demos/client-side-catalog Wonder where we can grab the template for this sample page?

Comparing enum value to optionLabels value in order to write correct optionLabels in template

I have a simple template with in the options a dropdown field (called Soort) with enum pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, image and archive. It has the optionLabels Pdf, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Afbeelding and Zip-bestand. I use the enum for constructing a Fontawesome label like 'fa-file-image'. I use the optionLabels to have the user understand what kind of file it is (Dutch) like 'Afbeelding'. In my template I want to render both the enum and the optionLabels of the chosen option. The result must be this: ``` <a href="linktoimage.jpg" download="" ><i class="far fa-file-image mr-2"></i>Download Schoolplan (Afbeelding, 333 kB)</a> ``` In order to achieve this I tried: ``` <a href="{{Upload}}" download=""><i class="far fa-file-{{Soort}} mr-2"></i>{{Title}} ({{arrayindex ../Options.fields.Links.items.fields.Soort.optionLabels @index }}, {{Size}})</a> ``` The arrayindex returns Pdf, so that doesn't work. I tried stuff like: ``` {{#each ../Schema.properties.Links.items.properties.Soort.enum }} {{arrayindex ../../Options.fields.Links.items.fields.Soort.optionLabels @index }} {{/each}} ``` ...but that just generated a list of the optionLabels. Somehow I need to compare the value of 'Soort' with index in the enum and the index in the optionLabels. For the time being I solved it temporary like this: ``` <a href="{{Upload}}" download=""><i class="far fa-file-{{Soort}} mr-2"></i>{{Title}} ({{#equal Soort "pdf"}}Pdf, {{/equal}}{{#equal Soort "word"}}Word, {{/equal}}{{#equal Soort "excel"}}Excel, {{/equal}}{{#equal Soort "powerpoint"}}Powerpoint, {{/equal}}{{#equal Soort "image"}}Afbeelding, {{/equal}}{{#equal Soort "archive"}}Zip-bestand, {{/equal}}{{Size}})</a> ``` ...but that isn't very future-oriented. Any ideas? Thanks!

Use select2 to query data from a dropdown list

For some reason we cannot seem to get the select2 data out of another open content module. This is the options json. { "fields": { "items": { "fields": { "location": { "type": "string" } } } } } And this is the schema.json { "type": "object", "properties": { "Locations":{ "type": "array", "items": { "location": { "type": "text" } } } } } we are trying to extract a list of locations from this array using: "Locations": { "type": "select2", "dataService": { "data": { "moduleId": "3833", "tabId": "76", "valuefield": "Id", "textfield": "Location", }, "action":"Lookup" }

Including subtemplates and external DNN modules

Hi folks, We've been experimenting with using OpenContent for a DNN implementation and we definitely like what we see. One question that has come up, however, is whether it is possible to build an OpenContent template that can integrate existing DNN modules (the Events module, for example). For that matter, is it possible to integrate existing OpenContent templates as sub-templates for a larger OpenContent module? Thanks and keep up the great work, Mick

Calling label from dropdown

Is there a way to call the label (and not the value) of a dropdown option? Something like {{field:label}}?

Longitude and latitude

Hi Sacha, The longitude and latitude are defined in the Address lookup. However when I click on the Geocode Address link the values are written like so: 51.9218244. When I edit, the value is turned into this: 51,9218244.... that value doesn't work in Google...

Start Date and End Date for an Item

Is there a way to tie a Start Date and End Date for a Content Item. I was unclear by a prefious users post or does the features need to be developed?

Can I list files from a DNN folder provider?

Hello, Can I use OpenContent to return a list of files in a folder (in DNN)? Could this be done with a custom External Datasource? Is OpenContent the wrong tool for this job? e.g. We upload some documents to a SecureFolder in DNN. Point OpenContent at the folder and output those documents to the screen using a custom template. Thanks, Olly.

Can't save additionalData with default value

Hello, I've got some additionalData set up in my manifest.json like so: ``` "additionalData": { "Categories": { "title": "Categories", "storageKey": "Categories", "modelKey": "Categories" } } ``` In my schema.json and options.json, I have: ``` "Categories": { "type": "string", "required": true, "title": "Category" }, ``` ``` "Categories": { "title": "Category", "type": "select2", "dataService": { "action": "LookupData", "data": { "dataKey": "Categories", "valueField": "Id", "textField": "Title" } } }, ``` It all works fine except when I add new content. The Select2 dropdown defaults to the first option - but when I click Save I get this error: ``` This field should have one of the values in Core, Bespoke, Business Bureau. Current value is: 4a45f88f-ceeb-411e-be03-d5ba5717c746 ``` As a workaround, I can switch to another category from the drop-down, and then switch back to the first. Then it works. Is this a bug, or have I set up OpenContent incorrectly?