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Collect data from other OC module

In your manifest example I noticed the use of an extra additionalData item called Customers. In my case I also need to connect to an other OC module. Before, I used options.json for this, but the downside is that form builder cannot be used anymore, so I was happy to see this.

However, when I tried to use it like this, the data is not being collected in the edit of the article... I used it exactly like Category is used.

Is this working?

    "additionalData": {
        "Exposities": {
            "title": "Exposities",
            "dataModuleId": 1729,
            "dataTabId": 751
    "Expositie": {
      "type": "select2",
      "dataService": {
        "action": "LookupData",
        "data": {
          "dataKey": "Exposities",
          "valueField": "Id",
          "textField": "Title"