OpenContent version 3.1.0

New Edit Bootstrap form layouts

In Gobal settings you can chose de Edit Form Layout (DNN css, Bootstrap or Bootstrap Horizontal)

Gmobal settingsGmobal settings

Gmobal settings

Bootstrap HorizontalBootstrap Horizontal

Bootstrap Horizontal

Role Field - User view item permissions

With the new role field, items are automatically filtered depending on the login in user.

Role FieldRole Field

Role Field

Rest Api - Swagger Definition

OpenContent Data is now available thru a standard Rest Api. Automatic Swagger documentation is available from the Raw data screen.

Swagger DocumentationSwagger Documentation

Swagger Documentation



Module install package on Codeplex

And more ....


  • added: New Edit form layouts : DNN, Bootstrap, Bootstrap Horizontal (Global settings)
  • added: Role based items filtering
  • added: Rest Api with Swagger documentation
  • added: New field type : imagecrop2 (with dropdown)
  • added: new glyphicons for Icon Field (for dnngo skin)
  • improved: German language packs (de-DE and de-AT) . Thanks to Michal Tobisch
  • improved: Support for DNNConnect.CKEditorProvider. Thanks to cmarfia
  • improved: Caching on database access. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • improved: global settings to define number of max versions to keep. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • improved: generate unique filenames on image upload and remove special characters
  • improved: DNN search integration (ML, output, ...)
  • improved: Detail page dropdown list only pages with same module on it
  • improved: Inject OpenContent in skin with skin object
  • improved: new handlebars helpers : ifin, add, substract
  • improved: default sorting by creation date in list templates
  • improved: Datasource Provider extended for Additional Data
  • fixed: Filtering on multilanguage fields. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • fixed: sql script for objectQualifier. Thanks to @cmarfia
  • fixed: flags on ML fiels when dnn installed on app folder. Thanks to Jan Jonas
  • fixed: sort and filer on ML fields
  • fixed: fix friendly url with html in it
  • fixed: fix delete button when popups not enabled
  • added: