OpenContent v3.4

1. Intelligent code completion in Template Editors

You can now by pressing a key combination have access to the list of available variable in the template.
When you selecting a variable the appropriate snippet is generated for the variable.

Additionally you have other key combinations for helpers and html snippets.


Intelligent code completion

This is available for Handlebars & Razor templates in Edit Template Files

  • variables completion (Ctrl-Space)
  • helpers completion (Shift-Space)
  • html snippets (Shift-Ctrl-Space)

html snippets can be customised


List templates

Selecting "Items" from the variables completion generates a full template

Linter in Template editor

The editor includes a linter for css, javascript and json.


Json Linter

New dropdownlist in Template Editor

In the new dropdown list, the files are grouped. And the files that are not already present are grayed out.


2. Better Form Builder UI

  • Fields list in accordion
  • Buttons fixed on the bottom

3. New Accordion Field

New accoreion layout for fields list (arrays)


Accordion Field documentation

4. Better editor layout for lists (array)

List actions incorporated on the right top corner of the item panel.



  • added: Intelligent code completion (Handlebars / Razor)
  • added: CSS linting in editor
  • added: javascript linting in editor
  • added: json linting in editor
  • improved: Form builder layout
  • improved: Better editor layout for lists (array)
  • improved: Upgrade icon field to Font Awesome 4.7.0
  • improved: Bootstrap Edit form by default
  • fixed: empty version dates
  • added: Releases moved to github
  • added: