OpenContent v 3.0

Form Builder

All schema and options can now be edited by a new Form Builder.

When you add fields on left side, you can see an instant preview on the right side.


Form builder

Existing schema and options can be transformed to Form Builder from Edit Template Files.

Everthing that is suported by schema/options is not suported in the Form Builder.
So best is to make a backup before.

You can also go back to schema/options editing by delete the builder.json file.

Logging to browser Console

Logging ca be enabled from the Global settings


You can inspect the data (model) of the templates, the lucene query, ...


  • added: Form Builder
  • added: Loging to Browser console
  • added: Data Source Provider (Beta)
  • improved: Edit Raw Data for Additional Data
  • improved: Edit Template Files for Additional Data
  • improved: Alpaca updated to v 1.5.17
  • improved: CKEditor Field speedup and fix some issues
  • improved: Editor css & UI
  • improved: Cropper Field
  • improved: Filter by querystring
  • improved: Handlebars helper for filtering based on publish status and dates
  • improved: Validate Json on save in Edit Template Files
  • added: