OpenContent v2.0

Hi everyone, i had the pleasure to announce i new release with a lot of new stuff...



Versioning - 5 last versions

Multi language

You defines which field need to be ML by choosing a specific field type.
New field types : mltext, mlimage, mlurl, mlfile, mlckeditor.


Multi language content : by field

Address field


Address field - with google search and geocoding

Select2 dropdown fields

New autocomplete dropdown fields that store ids in the database.

  • Tabs (url2)
  • Files (file2)
  • Images (image2)

Global settings

Portal wide settings.

  • Auto Module Edit Role : add Role to all modules with edit permissions
  • Auto attach modules : automatically attach localized modules to default language

Multi items

OpenContent can now manage multiple items with a list and detail template.
This use a new manifest file for defining template names.
schema and options information can also be made available in templates.
With possibility to give end users add permissions and edit permission for items created by hiself.


Other module content

New initialization screen with possibility to use the content of an other module.



  • added: Versionning
  • added: Multi language content
  • added: Auto attach module for multi language (Global setting)
  • added: Auto Editor role (Global setting)
  • added: Address Field with google search and geocoding
  • added: Multi items
  • added: Use other module content
  • added: Auto re size edit popup
  • improved: Javascript bundling
  • improved: Initialization form
  • improved: Search results
  • fixed: Install with db objectqualifier
  • added: New templates
  • added: New demos
  • added: