OpenContent 4.1

New Image field

image dropdown, cropper, overwrite warning, ...


Clone module on other pages


New Module action


Clone module on selected pages

Web templates comming now from github

Standard proposed templates comes now from github repository

This way you can contribute by pull requests to the standard templates.
Or even create you own personal github repository that can be activated in the OpenContent GlobalSettings (by portal).

DNN Url provider and DNN sitemap provider

For who use other standard Dnn url providers for other modules that not use OpenUrlProvider, a new standard DNN Url provider is available at


Breaking change

All handlebars run now by default in Fast mode . THIS MEAN CASE SENSITIVE. But for now you can switch back to legacy mode with a global setting.


Free download at github



  • improved: Enhance Related fields comming from other module with DetailUrl
  • improved: New Related field in form builder : for related items in articles for exemples
  • improved: new template handlebar helper : {{template Description this}} for traiting Description field as template
  • improved: Load icons in Global settings for Bootstrap v4